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The most secure and safe crypto wallet,

with crypto natives (from 8DC) as your copilots.


More than just a wallet

Bringing to life a best-in-class wallet, in collaboration with an enterprise wallet provider, Fireblocks. Their security and compliance are unmatched, and now it's available to retail clients in an easy-to-use mobile app.

What else sets this wallet apart? It's supercharged with crypto experts sharing key data and signals. The app allows you to see both your wallet assets, and CoPilot insights from trusted crypto experts.

1. MARKET S1gnalS

The 8DC experts share momentum indicators they use to follow the crypto markets, packaged into digestible bites in the app weekly.

If you’re doing crypto on your own, have someone in your corner giving you data and feedback on the market. CoPilot is the best crypto friend you can have.

We get it’s a long-term investment, and you’re “never gonna sell.” But, crypto has been very cyclical, historically speaking. When the space is frothy it’s prudent to realize gains (2017, 2021), and then buy back even more at lower prices (2018, 2022).

CoPilot can give you the market data to try and maximize these cycle decisions.

2. 1s your Crypto Portfol10 any good?we Got recommendat1ons.

CoPilot gives you comprehensive view of your portfolio every month. View your holdings by asset, by market cap, by sector, or by risk profile.

Wondering what you’re missing? The crypto experts at 8DC assess the top crypto sectors that you are missing and give you access to a private watchlist with trending assets (based on market data). The private watchlist is a tool to help you find specific tokens in each sector you may be interested in to beef up your crypto portfolio with the right assets.



Everyone wants (maybe needs) a crypto copilot. A crypto friend who can be there for important questions. Though we can’t be the teenage best friend that will text you back and forth all day, we can be your 911 in crypto.


Tap the “8” SOS to call on the 8DC crypto experts. We’re here for you when you need us.

Jo1n the Wa1tl1st

CoPilot is so much more than just a wallet. It’s a trusted voice at your fingertips. It’s a sherpa for your crypto journey. It’s a wallet with the expertise and insights from people that live, breathe, and follow crypto 24/7.


Best 1n class wallet

security 8dc.png

1. SECUR1ty at the core

CoPilot has partnered with Fireblocks, the industry standard in crypto asset security. This isn’t some random wallet by an anonymous team. It’s battle tested with over 170 million wallets from enterprise clients. Over 4 trillion transactions over the last 5 years from the top crypto institutions and exchanges around. CoPilot is the Fireblocks wallet re-imagined for the everyday person.

Fireblocks eliminates a single point of private key compromise by combining MPC-CMP and secure hardware enclaves, and is the only CCSS Level III, SOC2 Type II, and ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified platform (including Coinbase).


With Fireblocks’ Direct Custody model, you remain in full control of your assets. Safe from centralized fraud (Celsius, FTX). Safe from a centralized entity deciding to freeze your accounts (Coinbase, Robinhood). Safe from company bankruptcy (BlockFi, Voyager). You have full ownership over your assets to transact, withdraw, exchange as you wish. All without needing to worry about seed phrases or private keys.

With CoPilot, you can sleep soundly at night knowing your crypto assets are securely stored.


3. EAse of use

CoPilot is as easy to use as the apps you’re already used to- Coinbase or Robinhood. A simple wallet to manage your crypto, a single wallet to access tokens on 50+ chains, and now the ability to buy more tokens than just what is listed on Coinbase. CoPilot also opens up the web3 world for you. Trade, stake, borrow, lend, and invest on thousands of DeFi apps.

For those that feel they’re more “normie” than “crypto native”, don’t worry, this wallet is for you. The crypto experts from 8DC distill their knowledge down to get you started from the basics and easily level up using their guides.CoPilot is here to hold your hand into this innovative and new DeFi and Web3 world.

C0Pilot by 8DC

The most secure crypto wallet, with crypto natives as your copilots.

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