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crypto natives

Matt and Brad have been involved in Crypto since 2015. Together they managed Cluster Capital, a Decentralized Venture Fund that invested over $150M in early blockchain projects and generated a 24x ROIC over 3 years. Investing in some of the current top cryptocurrencies ahead of their public launch (26 of the current top 100 cryptocurrencies including $DOT, $MATIC, and $AVAX). In 2021-22, Brad and Matt ran a $100M Crypto DeFi fund.

Brad and Matt live and breathe crypto; they have been early adopters and users of cryptocurrencies, dApps and DeFi. They have founded several crypto companies. They co-invested alongside some of the most well known crypto VCs, and in some of the best crypto founders. This vast network continues to provide access to great deals and maintain a finger on the pulse of a rapidly evolving industry. They've individually organized crypto events and spoken at crypto conferences in Dubai, London, Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, NYC, South America and more.

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