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Why Crypto

Offchain → Onchain

Crypto empowers a move to a decentralized world where trust transitions from powerful intermediaries (Big Tech, Big Banks) back to the individual.

Just as individuals and companies today live in an online world powered by internet networks, we are moving to a future where individuals and companies live in an onchain world powered by blockchain networks.

Growing Like it’s 1999

Crypto is exponential technology, just like the internet. Just as we moved from offline to online during the era of internet adoption, we’re currently moving from offchain to onchain during the crypto adoption era. This time around crypto users are joining the movement even faster than internet users in the 90s.


Crypto is Inevitable

But where are the use cases?! People often criticize the crypto space for lack of use cases. We think most people just don’t know where to look. From store of value, to payments, to creator value, to decentralized computing for AI… we could go on and on. Here’s a sampling of some of the innovations that are here to stay and continue to disrupt the world.

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