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ETF Incoming

A Bitcoin ETF has been in the works for over a decade. This time around, it’s finally happening with a highly probable launch date of early January 2024. Not only does this mean unlocking new inflows into crypto, but with JP Morgan, BlackRock and others leading the charge, it means big Traditional Finance marketing budgets that will now be pushing crypto.


Bitcoin Halving Imminent

Every four years, the supply of new BTC mining rewards gets cut in half. This has the result of an overnight supply shock. It’s kind of like if half of gold mining operations closed up shop. Demand stays the same (or increases) and supply drops drastically… you do the math. These halvings have been key drivers of BTC price movement in the past (see the chart below). This cycle’s BTC halving is set for April 2024.


Total MC Breaking Out

We look to Bitcoin as a barometer for the whole space, and as the first place where money flows. But  Altcoins have potentially more promise than BTC. Last cycle the crypto market cap went from $300B to ~$3T. We are currently at ~$1.5T.

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